Founded in 2018 by Designer and Curator Adam Eaton. Rochester Artist Collaborative’s mission is to connect the community and beyond with some of the most talented creatives in the world, through curated content of Local Artists from Rochester, NY.

Rochester Artists have a major impact on our culture. Artists should be celebrated and supported and collaboration is key. We as neighbors and community have the power to grow and develop a diverse arts culture that include Artists that have often times been discriminated against, under appreciated, and overlooked, including but not limited to: Women of Color, People of Color, and those that are Differently Abled. 

Rochester Artist Collaborative is primarily a digital space that brings Artists from multiple disciplines together to create physical art works for the community. Featured Artists create original artwork available to purchase for the community online and at events housed in local art spaces.

This allows for the continued growth of the art in our community and directly supports local Artists. All profits are used to support the Local Artists in Our Community.

We launched our first collaborative collection with Latino Artist Dulce Ruiz at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center in Downtown Rochester, a partnership with Gallery Director Bleu Cease. The collection entitled “Icon” featured original oil pastel portraits of Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony.

We seek to collaborate with many more organizations to offer a variety of programs designed to educate about, and celebrate, the incredible diversity that exists in Our City.


One of our premier monthly events will be: “Artists Talk”,  a series panel discussion that focuses on topics from the viewpoint of the Artist directly. Topics that impacts the Artist themselves, including our first talk: “The State of Art in Rochester” this discussion on Saturday, June 8th will feature local Artist Olivia Kim stimulating cross-cultural interaction and exchanges with diverse thinking. We believe everyone benefits when great minds get together to engage on diverse topics and cultural experiences.