Bahri Matt’ye is a multidisciplinary visual artist and podcaster. 

“My life purpose is to create.”

“Everyday I work towards building my own universe through painting, drawing, photography, videography,print making, ceramics, sculpting, designing, crafting,architecture, graphics, fashion, interior design, coding/programming, performance art (podcasting, acting), literary arts, and recording arts (soundscapes, audio movies).”

I’m inspired by Warhol , Basquiat , George Condo , Keith Haring , Cy twombly , Henri Alexander , Mark Rothko , William de Kooning , takashi Murakami , madsaki , Sam Ross, Virgil abloh , Jonathan Ives , Tinker Hatfield , Barbra Krueger , Hiroshi Fujiwara , Hype Williams , Spike jonze , Picasso , Kanye West, Iddris Sandu and Hidji films.

“My ultimate goal as multidisciplinary visual artist and podcaster is to create a comfortable balance that combines all of my mediums to make an out of this world art experience and be exceptionally influential/ inspiring with the art that I curate, create, design and produce.“

Twitter: @bybahrimattye