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Dulce Ruiz

Dulce’s love for painting began when she was a child. Armed with paper, crayons, and markers she would draw for hours starting a love for all things creative. Since then she has nurtured her talent by learning to work with many mediums: acrylic, watercolors, jewelry, garden sculptures, pottery, and murals..

“I love making things, and my adventurous spirit keeps me striving to become a juggernaut of creation. I enjoy nature, gardening, geometry, theories about existence, music, deep conversations, connecting people, and dancing.

When she’s not working professionally she continues to hone her craft through teaching art and using it as an enticing vehicle to elicit change.

“I love all things creative and I want to continue creating work that aligns with telling the stories of our ancestors, celebrating the gifts we have today and building a better world for those to come.”

Christian Rivera

“So, I've been a freelancer for 18 years. I have a podcast with nearly 300 episodes of me being vulnerable and open about the details of my brain and mental health. I'm incredibly talented in multimedia design, have worked in Hollywood. I have a talent for making logos, websites, videos, intros, gifs, animations, facebook headers, podcast graphics, podcast edits, I'll take photos of your products, yourselves or your kids, I'll teach you photoshop or premiere, whatever you need.

Living in Rochester: “I have been meeting all sorts of great people, have connected with new professional opportunities, and have made some great new friends. I'm working on finding more multimedia design gigs, more students for my courses, sponsors for my podcast, creating all sorts of connections, working on my emotional growth.”

Cocoa Rae.jpg

Cocoa Rae

"I am a photographer who creates captivating portraits of unique and diverse people and captures their true essence. My style consists of vivid colors, Afrocentric shapes and vibes, as well bold lighting techniques. My goal is to create a new style of photography that promotes a positive body image and self love."