Community Supported Art!!

Our goal is to support 100 Local Artists and make their artwork available

to thousands in the Rochester Community.

The Artist needs Community and the Community needs Artists.


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Rochester Artist Collaborative Launch Event!!

Rochester Contemporary Art Center / Sponsored by

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Artwork by: Dulce Ruiz




Our Mission:

We Love Rochester Artists!!

We believe that art changes lives. Art teaches us, lifts our spirits, inspires empathy and understanding for others points of view. Art makes us better.

We believe artists should be supported and collaboration is key.

Rochester Artists have a major impact on our culture and Artists should be celebrated and supported. We as neighbors and community have the power to do that.

Our mission is to connect the community and beyond with some of the most talented creatives in the world that live right here in our backyard.

“Love Art, Support Local Artists”

Rochester Artist Collaborative is a digital space that brings Artists from multiple disciplines together to create physical art works for the Community. Each featured Artist creates original artwork available to purchase online and delivered to you.

This allows for the continued growth of the art in our community and directly supports local Artists.

Our First Featured Artist:

Dulce Ruiz

Local Artist: Dulce Ruiz

Creative Director:

Adam Eaton

Creative Director: Adam Eaton

Creative Director: Adam Eaton