"We want to empower Artists."

Rochester Artist Collaborative’s goal is to discover, incubate and empower emerging Artists from underrepresented communities to evolve their work, grow their audience and distribute their creations to the Community and beyond.

Launched in 2018 Rochester Artist Collaborative is a digital space that brings Artists from multiple disciplines together to create physical art works for the Community. Featured Artists create original artwork available to purchase online for the community and at pop-up events.

This allows for the continued growth of diversity in our community and directly supports local Artists.

Our Mission:

Rochester Artist Collaborative is committed to creating an inclusive arts community.

To connect the Community and beyond with a diverse array of the most talented creatives in the world that live right here in our backyard.

Rochester Artists have a major impact on our culture.

Diversity in the arts should be celebrated and supported. We as neighbors and Community have the power to do that and working together is key.

Vision and Values:

“Collaboration is Key.”

Artists have the ability to create something from nothing, they can turn pain into beauty, heartbreak into laughter, and sorrow into joy. Artists can inspire a nation, or tell the story of a few.  

We believe artists should be celebrated, they should be supported. They should be allowed to share their gift with everyone, everyone deserves to feel the emotion and passion they feel when creating.

Art should not be just for some. Art is for the people, Art is for you and me. We all deserve to have our spaces filled with masterpieces that have been created by our local creatives.