Rochester Artist Collaborative


Featured Artist:

Cocoa Rae

Born in Rochester, NY

Lives in Rochester, NY

"I am a photographer who creates captivating portraits of unique and diverse people and captures their true essence. My style consists of vivid colors, Afrocentric shapes and vibes, as well bold lighting techniques. My goal is to create a new style of photography that promotes a positive body image and self love."

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Featured Artist:

Dulce Ruiz

Dulce’s love for painting began when she was a child. Armed with paper, crayons, and markers she would draw for hours starting a love for all things creative. Since then she has nurtured her talent by learning to work with many mediums: acrylic, watercolors, jewelry, garden sculptures, pottery, and murals..

“I love making things, and my adventurous spirit keeps me striving to become a juggernaut of creation. I enjoy nature, gardening, geometry, theories about existence, music, deep conversations, connecting people, and dancing.

When she’s not working professionally she continues to hone her craft through teaching art and using it as an enticing vehicle to elicit change.

“I love all things creative and I want to continue creating work that aligns with telling the stories of our ancestors, celebrating the gifts we have today and building a better world for those to come.”

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“Women Artist Initiative”

All women are beautiful and we enjoy art and Artists that represent Women in all of the their beauty,  greatness, and diversity. Women Artists, are often times discriminated against, under appreciated, and overlooked. It's important the we continue to make sure that Women Artists in Rochester receive the praise, honor and opportunities that they deserve to growth and thrive as Artists.

Artists Talk Event

Saturday, June 8th 2019


36 King Street, Rochester, New York 14608

Douglass Auditorium

Proceeds from this event go to support Local Artists in Rochester, NY

“Artists Talk” is a monthly series panel discussion that focuses on topics from the viewpoint of the Artist that impacts the Artist.

Our first program will feature an all Women panel of accomplished and dynamic Artists from the Rochester Region who will discuss the importance of integrating the arts, culture, and diversity, within the Greater Rochester Area. We believe everyone benefits when great minds get together to engage on diverse topics and cultural experiences.

Featured Artists on this panel:

Olivia Kim
Dulce Ruiz
Cocoa Rae

Faith Gruver

Shelby Zink

This event will launch Rochester Artist Collaborative’s “Women Artist Initiative”.

Women Artists, are most often times discriminated against, under appreciated, and overlooked. Our first will feature a complete panel of Women Artists stimulating cross-cultural interaction and exchanges with diverse thinking.

“Love Art, Support Local Artists”

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